Lesson 7 (Series 2) – The One With The Stethoscope

Lesson 7 (Series 2) – The One With The Stethoscope

Episode 7 of our European Portuguese Lessons in video brings you to the doctor’s office. The conversation here is a little more formal but still very much in the current vernacular. We had fun preparing it and hope you’ll enjoy it.

We’re also creating a membership program. We’re calling it “Carla’s Babies” (more information on the podcast itself). Even though part of the lessons will be free for all, just like before, members will have access to:

  • Full Lesson featuring:
    • Longer scenes
    • Exercises 
    • Vocabulary

This new series will focus on

    • Day to day conversation
    • Pronunciation
    • Oral and written understanding. 

On top of that, in each lesson, we will work a particular grammar point, although you probably won’t notice at all.

Above and beyond the regularly released video lessons, members will also have access to:

  • Carla, for language related questions
  • Forum
  • Extra fun stuff (to be announced)

This is something we’re mentioning to listeners only and won’t be advertised or otherwise publicised anywhere else. But if you put your name down on the list, you will be given a chance of getting in early for a discounted price. The Invitation will go out very soon. We have hundreds of people on the list but only a few spots will be made available. Be quick 🙂

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O – É aqui na parte de trás do ombro direito. Ui, é mesmo aí!

M – Você tem aqui uma tendinite daquelas!

O – Pois.

M – Sente-se.

O – Já desconfiava.

M – Há quanto tempo é que tem essa dor?

O – Três ou quatro meses.

M – Quatro meses, senhora Odete!? E só agora é que aqui vem?

O – Pois senhor doutor com esta situação do divórcio, tenho andado mesmo muito ocupada. Não tenho tido tempo.

M – Pois, mas olhe, temos que resolver isso, porque senão, qualquer dia, é uma senhora sem ocupação.

O – Pois… é muito chato.

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